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San Luis Obispo Slip & Fall Attorney

What to do after a Slip & Fall

The slip and fall or trip and fall is a common workplace accident.  It is also a common cause of premises liability claims.  When a member of the public visits a park or government building or patronizes a local business there is an expectation that the premises will be free of hazards or that a clear warning will be posted for any existing hazard such as a wet floor.  Any property owner or occupant is required to take reasonable care those visitors and patrons are safe while on their premises.  If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident it is important to report the accident immediately, take pictures of the scene and consult a San Luis Obispo personal injury attorney for assistance.

Slip & Fall Lawyer in San Luis Obispo

A slip and fall injury can have serious consequences such as broken bones, spinal cord injury, soft tissue injury, traumatic brain injury, or disfigurement.  An elderly person is particularly at risk for serious even life threatening injuries.  Reporting an accident to the owner or management immediately documents that an accident occurred and when it occurred.  This may be very important because some injuries do not make themselves known immediately.  Symptoms of a soft tissue injury to the neck, also known as a whiplash injury, can take days to appear.  Even if you don't have any apparent injury you should be examined by a competent medical professional right away.  This again documents the incident which is very important if you start to experience any pain or discomfort later on.  An experienced slip and fall lawyer at our firm is fully aware of the potentially devastating effects on muscles and ligaments of a seemingly minor fall.

Later on should you find yourself unable to comfortably work or take care of daily tasks our skilled legal team is prepared to file a claim for your medical expenses, lost income and any other damages you may suffer.  Call Pacific Attorney Group to discuss your accident and possible compensation.

Contact a San Luis Obispo Slip & Fall Attorney at our firm for advice on how to proceed.  Find out how we can help.


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