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San Luis Obispo Defective Product Attorney

When Defective Products Cause Injuries

In this country there is a standard expectation that the consumer can rely upon products to perform as advertized.  Most manufacturers of products make considerable effort to perform up to this standard.  When a particular product not only fails to meet the standard but causes injury, it is important to consult a San Luis Obispo personal injury attorney who is dedicated to protecting the public.  An individuals who has been injured by a defective product may be due compensation for all damages.

Defective Product Lawyer in San Luis Obispo

Not all attorneys are the same.  A defective product lawyer with our firm feels a strong responsibility to assist clients who have been injured through negligence.  A single product may be defective as a result of an error in assembly and a failure of the quality control staff to catch it before it leaves the plant.  An entire product line may be defective as a result of a flaw in the original design.  When a manufacturer fails to provide complete instructions on how to use a product safely this is also considered a defect. 

Any of these three circumstances can give rise to a product liability claim when damage or injury results.  When a manufacturer rushes a product to the market without ensuring all reasonable care has been taken to preserve the safety of the consumer, the manufacturer has a responsibility to repair any injury which results.  A personal injury claim for damages acts as a deterrent to the management of other businesses who might be tempted to take shortcuts to realize a profit.

The legal team at our firm has decades of experience in product liability cases and an impressive record of successful outcomes.  If you have been injured by a defective product discuss your accident with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer and find out how we can help you.  Call Pacific Attorney Group for a consultation.

Contact a San Luis Obispo Defective Product Attorney at the firm will fight relentlessly to ensure an injured client is fully compensated for all damages.


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